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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Yūsei Matsui, 28 books
Francine Pascal, 21 books
Jasmine Jones, 13 books
Kōshun Takami, 9 books
Naoko Takeuchi, 8 books
Reki Kawahara, 8 books
Masayuki Taguchi, 6 books
Johnson, Kevin, 6 books
Hiroyuki Aigamo, 6 books
Alice Alfonsi, 5 books
Terri Minsky, 4 books
Catherine Barr, 3 books
Cliff Schimmels, 3 books
Rick Bundschuh, 3 books
Kiki Thorpe, 3 books
Daisuke Higuchi, 3 books
Betsy Haynes, 3 books
Miyuki Miyabe, 3 books
L. E. Blair, 3 books
Phyllis L. Ellickson, 3 books
Mary Lou Carney, 3 books
Yusei Matsui, 3 books
Āmin Okada, 3 books
Isoko Hatano, 2 books
Lauren Day, 2 books


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