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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Elie Wiesel, 8 books
Mordecai Strigler, 8 books
Anne Frank, 7 books
Primo Levi, 6 books
Emanuel Ringelblum, 5 books
Dawid Rubinowicz, 5 books
Michał Borwicz, 5 books
Johanna Reiss, 5 books
Abraham Meierkevitch, 5 books
Mikhail Rinskiĭ, 5 books
Zvi Bachrach, 5 books
Danuta Czech, 4 books
Hersh Smolar, 4 books
Avraham Zaḳ, 4 books
Maša Rolnikaitė, 4 books
Leyb Rokhman, 4 books
Maria Czapska, 4 books
Henryk Grynberg, 4 books
Tuwie Borzykowski, 4 books
Michał Grynberg, 4 books
Jadwiga Bezwińska, 4 books
Hillel Seidman, 4 books
Abraham Sutzkever, 3 books
Moisheh Grosman, 3 books
André Gorz, 3 books


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