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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tom Powers, 5 books
Clayton W. Barrows, 5 books
Dimitrios Buhalis, 5 books
Andrew Lockwood, 5 books
Ian Yeoman, 5 books
David K. Hayes, 5 books
Gary K. Vallen, 5 books
Jack D. Ninemeier, 4 books
Carlos Costa, 3 books
Susan Horner, 3 books
Lora Arduser, 3 books
Roy A. Cook, 3 books
John R. Walker, 3 books
Chris Ryan, 3 books
John Fuller, 3 books
Nancy R. Rue, 3 books
Cihan Cobanoglu, 3 books
Laura J. Yale, 3 books
Kathryn Hashimoto, 3 books
Peter Jones, 3 books
Stephen Ball, 3 books
Tim Knowles, 3 books
Pamela P. Strianese, 3 books
Zagat Publishers, 3 books
Nina S. Zagat, 3 books


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