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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Germany (West), 13 books
Mexico., 8 books
Boston (Mass.). Assessing Dept., 8 books
France, 5 books
William L. Hayhurst, 5 books
Portugal., 5 books
Brazil., 5 books
Spain., 4 books
Hildegard Rondón de Sansó, 4 books
Russia (Federation), 4 books
Manuel Pachón Muñoz, 4 books
Ukraine., 4 books
Henri Desbois, 4 books
Alois Troller, 3 books
Denis Borges Barbosa, 3 books
Eugen Ulmer, 3 books
Honduras., 3 books
Japan., 3 books
Lucas David, 3 books
Adam Jolly, 3 books
Ricardo Metke, 3 books
Wiesław Kotarba, 3 books
Colombia., 3 books
Mauricio Jalife Daher, 3 books
Roland von Büren, 3 books


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