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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Carl Stephenson, 3 books
Ivan Aramilev, 3 books
Andrew Xia Fukuda, 3 books
Ionel Pop, 2 books
Chiba, Tokuji, 2 books
Damian Harvey, 2 books
W. W. Jacobs, 2 books
Fred Gipson, 2 books
Joseph Bruchac, 2 books
William G. Tapply, 2 books
Harry Castlemon, 2 books
Johnson, Scott., 2 books
Jay Cassell, 2 books
Benjamin Percy, 2 books
Benjamin Johnson, 2 books
Jim Dean, 2 books
Gary Paulsen, 2 books
Jack London, 2 books
Sven Nordqvist, 2 books
Peter Zachary Cohen, 2 books
Malinda Lo, 2 books
Ute Krause, 2 books
Richard Edward Connell, 2 books
Richard Edward Connell, 2 books
Lamar Underwood, 2 books


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