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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Michael McCarty, 1 book
Sharon K. Gilbert, 1 book
Stephen Mark Rainey, 1 book
Brian Keene, 1 book
L. H. Maynard, 1 book
Charles Grant, 1 book
John Scognamiglio, 1 book
P. D. Cacek, 1 book
Charles Di, 1 book
David Conyers, 1 book
Andy Bennett, 1 book
Peter Lee, 1 book
M. P. N. Sims, 1 book
S. T. Joshi, 1 book
Vince Locke, 1 book
Paul Finch, 1 book
Rain Graves, 1 book
Rafael Nieves, 1 book
Brannon Jason, 1 book
S. Brown Eric, 1 book
Grover John, 1 book
Kirk Van Wormer, 1 book
Mark Samuels, 1 book
Edward Pickman Derby, 1 book
A Blackwood, 1 book


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