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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hanʼguk Chŏnja Tʻongsin Yŏnʼguwŏn, 5 books
Paul McFedries, 4 books
Quentin Wells, 4 books
Mark Edward Soper, 3 books
Barry Press, 3 books
Kathy Ivens, 3 books
Daniel D. Briere, 3 books
Eric Geier, 2 books
Keith Underdahl, 2 books
Alan R. Neibauer, 2 books
Ramjee Prasad, 2 books
Sue Plumley, 2 books
Neil Anderson, 2 books
S. E. Slack, 2 books
Sudhir Dixit, 2 books
Guy Hart-Davis, 2 books
Greg Holden, 2 books
Hossein Bidgoli, 2 books
John Ross, 2 books
Les Freed, 2 books
Doherty, Jim CCNA., 2 books
Jim Doherty, 2 books
Pat Hurley, 1 book
Jerry Lee Ford, 1 book
Curtis Frye, 1 book


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