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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ryūshi Akamatsu, 3 books
Segi, Shinʼichi, 2 books
Yabumoto, Sekiho, 2 books
Buson Yosa, 2 books
Shinichi Segi, 2 books
Jim Kacian, 2 books
Andō, Suiho, 1 book
Leon M. Zolbrod, 1 book
Ann Atwood, 1 book
Bruce Ross, 1 book
Jerry Ball, 1 book
Ron Manheim, 1 book
J. Zimmerman, 1 book
Stephen Addiss, 1 book
Kobayashi, Issa, 1 book
Shinʾichi Segi, 1 book
Seishi Yamaguchi, 1 book
Susumu Suzuki, 1 book
Tenri Toshokan, 1 book
Rihē Okada, 1 book
Jūō Odajima, 1 book
Kikō Matsui, 1 book
Kōjo Yamaguchi, 1 book
Hancha Tanaka, 1 book
Masaru Isobe, 1 book


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