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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ian McEwan, 5 books
Sharon Creech, 5 books
Jo Bannister, 5 books
Reik, Theodor, 4 books
Pascal Bruckner, 4 books
Susane Colasanti, 3 books
Edward V. Stein, 3 books
Eve Bunting, 3 books
Kimberley Griffiths Little, 3 books
Eileen Drilling, 3 books
Caryll Houselander, 3 books
Bruce Narramore, 3 books
Thalia Chaltas, 3 books
Lewis Engel, 3 books
Susan Shaw, 3 books
Paul Tournier, 3 books
Jacques Marie Pohier, 2 books
Mitscherlich, Alexander, 2 books
Julie Ann Barnhill, 2 books
Mark Atteberry, 2 books
Amy Frazier, 2 books
Glenn Collins, 2 books
Norbert Lebert, 2 books
Gordon George Powell, 2 books
Paul L. Warner, 2 books


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