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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brian Michael Bendis, 22 books
Chris Claremont, 21 books
Stan Lee, 17 books
John Byrne, 15 books
Paul Jenkins, 15 books
Mark Millar, 14 books
John Romita Jr., 14 books
John Buscema, 13 books
Roy Thomas, 11 books
Garth Ennis, 11 books
Dennis O'Neil, 10 books
Daniel Way, 10 books
Joe Quesada, 10 books
Jeph Loeb, 10 books
Jim Lee, 9 books
Steve Dillon, 9 books
Gerry Conway, 9 books
Chuck Austen, 8 books
Robert Kirkman, 8 books
Bill Finger, 8 books
Gil Kane, 7 books
Marvel Comics, 7 books
Alex Maleev, 7 books
Marv Wolfman, 7 books
Roger Stern, 7 books


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