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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jack Nicklaus, 2 books
John Feinstein, 2 books
George Peper, 2 books
Mark H. McCormack, 2 books
John Feinstein, 2 books
Ed Hodge, 2 books
Rolex, 2 books
Kennedy, John H., 1 book
Alun Evans, 1 book
Dale Concannon, 1 book
David Gould, 1 book
Norman Dabell, 1 book
Alan B. Hollingsworth, 1 book
Tony Jacklin, 1 book
Richard Gillis, 1 book
Tim Rosaforte, 1 book
Zachary Michael Jack, 1 book
Phil Lesh, 1 book
Nick Callow, 1 book
Ian O'Connor, 1 book
Oliver Holt, 1 book
Iain Carter, 1 book
Burns, Peter, 1 book
John Strege, 1 book
Lawrence Donegan, 1 book


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