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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jack Nicklaus, 6 books
Paula Taylor, 2 books
Guernsey Van Riper, 1 book
Grout, Jack., 1 book
David S. Shedloski, 1 book
Angelo Argea, 1 book
Howard Sounes, 1 book
John F. Wukovits, 1 book
Shaw, Mark, 1 book
Paul J. Deegan, 1 book
Joe Posnanski, 1 book
Thomas Clavin, 1 book
Timothy Jacobs, 1 book
Ken Bowden, 1 book
Ian O'Connor, 1 book
John Andrisani, 1 book
Curt Sampson, 1 book
Jack Grout, 1 book
John Boyette, 1 book
Gil Capps, 1 book
Roger Schiffman, 1 book


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