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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
G. Frederick Wright, 10 books
John T. Andrews, 8 books
George Willard White, 7 books
James Geikie, 7 books
Willman, H. B., 7 books
A. P. Coleman, 7 books
Jean M. Auel, 7 books
Frank Leverett, 6 books
Ernst Antevs, 6 books
L. A. Bayrock, 6 books
Charles Lyell, 6 books
Lee Clayton, 6 books
A. A. Velichko, 6 books
Björn Kurtén, 5 books
Åke Hillefors, 5 books
Michael J. Oard, 5 books
Halina Klatkowa, 4 books
John Chapman Frye, 4 books
Gunnar Holmsen, 4 books
Richard Foster Flint, 4 books
Robert Foster Black, 4 books
I. P. Gerasimov, 4 books
Gravenor, Conrad Percival, 4 books
Warren Upham, 4 books
John Menzies, 3 books


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