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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dawn Sirett, 8 books
Jamie Michalak, 7 books
Jessica Spanyol, 5 books
Stuart J. Murphy, 5 books
Lucie Papineau, 3 books
Julie Murray, 3 books
Daniela Kulot, 3 books
Michael Dahl, 3 books
Jenny Markert, 3 books
DK Publishing, 3 books
J. M. Ledgard, 3 books
Rebecca Bender, 3 books
Rod Theodorou, 3 books
Cecilia Casrill Dartez, 3 books
Michael Rosen, 3 books
Anne Innis Dagg, 3 books
Doreen Cronin, 2 books
Patricia Whitehouse, 2 books
Joy Paige, 2 books
Rebecca Stromstad Glaser, 2 books
Valerie Bodden, 2 books
Flavia Weedn, 2 books
Bobbie Kalman, 2 books
Giles Andreae, 2 books
Jan Wahl, 2 books


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