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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Franz Kurowski, 4 books
Kenneth John Macksey, 3 books
Samuel W. Mitcham, 3 books
Paul Carell, 3 books
James Sidney Lucas, 3 books
Dal McGuirk, 3 books
Robert Kurtz, 2 books
Volkmar Kühn, 2 books
Pier Paolo Battistelli, 2 books
Erwan Bergot, 2 books
Martin Windrow, 2 books
Bruce Quarrie, 2 books
H. Eschbach, 1 book
George Balin, 1 book
Richard L. Blanco, 1 book
Rudolf Hubalek, 1 book
Bernard Peitz, 1 book
Time-Life Books, 1 book
László Almásy, 1 book
Ian Baxter, 1 book
Erwin Rommel, 1 book
Ralf Münnich, 1 book
Kenneth M. Jones, 1 book
Heinz Küchler, 1 book
Edwin Palmer Hoyt, 1 book


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