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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jim Davis, 70 books
Jim Kraft, 9 books
Jim Davis, 8 books
Mark Acey, 7 books
Mark Evanier, 3 books
Michael Teitelbaum, 3 books
Nancy Davis, 3 books
Scott Nickel, 2 books
Cedric Michiels, 2 books
Merriam-Webster, 1 book
H.S. Newcomb, 1 book
Jan Lindenberger, 1 book
L. McColm, 1 book
Debra S. Braun, 1 book
Robert Gipson, 1 book
Peter Berts, 1 book
Cedric Michiels, 1 book
Julien Magnat, 1 book
Andy Hirsch, 1 book
Gary Barker, 1 book
Dargaud Media, 1 book
Mark Evanier, 1 book
Ellipsanime Staff, 1 book
JIM DAVIS, 1 book