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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Shelly Ellis, 4 books
Alice-Leone Moats, 1 book
Jeff Abbott, 1 book
Tracie Howard, 1 book
Lisa Noeli, 1 book
Mavis Thomas, 1 book
Lynn Ramsey, 1 book
Daniel Defoe, 1 book
Louis L'Amour, 1 book
Coerte V. W. Felske, 1 book
Jorge Stamadianos, 1 book
Daisy Goodwin, 1 book
Wendy Holden, 1 book
Tasmina Perry, 1 book
Karoline Leach, 1 book
Erica K. Barnes, 1 book
Michael Baisden, 1 book
Leon Garfield, 1 book
Robert Rodi, 1 book
Elizabeth Ford, 1 book
Adie Nelson, 1 book
Ken Englade, 1 book
Maxine Holmgren, 1 book
Elena Lenina, 1 book
Jaye Cheríe, 1 book


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