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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Herman Schwartz, 3 books
Ron LaFon, 3 books
I. F. La Croix, 2 books
Jonathan Edwards, 1 book
Heidrun E. K. Hartmann, 1 book
Guy Gusman, 1 book
Rodolphe Spichiger, 1 book
Charles Jeffrey, 1 book
S. P. Bhatnagar, 1 book
Wayne Harris, 1 book
B. M. Johri, 1 book
Dave DeWitt, 1 book
Helen Lee, 1 book
Alan Toogood, 1 book
Brian Davies, 1 book
N. Maxted, 1 book
David Bishop, 1 book
Jim McQueen, 1 book
Richard W. Robinson, 1 book
Geoffrey Smith, 1 book
Sylvan Ramsey Kaufman, 1 book
Barbara McQueen, 1 book
Isobyl LaCroix, 1 book
Bill Lavarack, 1 book
Liliane Gusman, 1 book


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