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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Steve Quertermous, 8 books
Russell Quertermous, 8 books
Jack Lewis, 8 books
Ron Stewart, 7 books
Roy Ritchie, 7 books
Paul Wahl, 5 books
John B. Allen, 4 books
Alan Korwin, 3 books
Robert D. Beeman, 3 books
Ned Schwing, 3 books
David Miller, 2 books
Hawley, 2 books
Keith Sutton, 2 books
Herbert Houze, 2 books
Howard Madaus, 2 books
David E. Steele, 2 books
W. M. Hawley, 1 book
Russell E. Lewis, 1 book
Andrew White, 1 book
Daniel J. Fox, 1 book
Mike Hill, 1 book
R. L. Wilson, 1 book
Carl F. Luckey, 1 book
Dominique Venner, 1 book
Ian Hogg, 1 book


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