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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Richard Pini, 9 books
Wendy Pini, 8 books
Tracy Hickman, 8 books
Katharine Kerr, 7 books
Philip Pullman, 7 books
Eric Griffin, 7 books
Roland Green, 6 books
Michael E. Bolyog, 6 books
Satoshi Urushihara, 5 books
Monte Cook, 5 books
Stephen R. Lawhead, 5 books
Laura Hickman, 5 books
Justin Achilli, 5 books
Delfin Barral, 5 books
Gherbod Fleming, 5 books
Kinji Yoshimoto, 5 books
John Snead, 5 books
Clifford B. Sulham, 5 books
Samantha Jayne Sulham, 5 books
Rick Young, 5 books
Brian Campbell, 5 books
Dan Abnett, 4 books
James Branch Cabell, 4 books
Heather Grove, 4 books
Adam Tinworth, 4 books


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