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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jessica Souhami, 4 books
Gene Fehler, 4 books
Joyce Sidman, 3 books
Hazel Morrow, 3 books
Robert Guillaume, 2 books
William Wheeler, 2 books
Steve Tiller, 2 books
J. Gukova, 2 books
Lola Nunez, 2 books
Rocio Anton, 2 books
Robert Cremeans, 2 books
Francois Roca, 2 books
Annie Kubler, 2 books
Lilly, Melinda., 2 books
Melora Romano, 2 books
Renee M. Rolle-whatley, 2 books
Andres Nieves, 2 books
Angela Consolo Mankiewicz, 2 books
Jody Strimling, 2 books
Crissie Nopanen Cabrera, 2 books
Mary Ruth, 2 books
Solomon, III Gibson, 2 books
Michael Shorb, 2 books
Jan Callner, 2 books
Fred Bernard, 2 books


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