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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Mary Walker, 4 books
Lawrence H. Keith, 4 books
Robert V. Percival, 3 books
Christopher H. Schroeder, 3 books
James P. Leape, 3 books
Alan S. Miller, 3 books
Robert F. Cushman, 2 books
Yingyi Situ, 2 books
David Emmons, 2 books
Sean Coyle, 2 books
Karen Morrow, 2 books
Peter Crampton, 2 books
J. Sibling, 2 books
J. Sipling, 2 books
James Salzman, 2 books
Alastair R. Lucas, 2 books
Roger W. Suddards, 1 book
Andrew Arden, 1 book
William J. Doyle, 1 book
Patrick J. Rohan, 1 book
Dana., 1 book
Richard Kidner, 1 book
Susan Wolf, 1 book
Pascal Liu, 1 book
John W. Teets, 1 book


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