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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jean Phillips, 8 books
Mike Bryon, 4 books
Diane Arthur, 4 books
Lori Davila, 4 books
Robert W. Wendover, 4 books
Chris Resto, 3 books
Pierre Mornell, 3 books
Robert D. Gatewood, 3 books
Rob Yeung, 2 books
Michele Pellizzari, 2 books
Lou Adler, 2 books
Neal Schmitt, 2 books
Ivan Robertson, 2 books
Dominic Cooper, 2 books
Steven Mitchell Sack, 2 books
Herbert Gerhard Heneman, 2 books
Jon Billsberry, 2 books
Paula Manning, 2 books
Debra Thompson, 2 books
Ian Ybarra, 2 books
Ramit Sethi, 2 books
Ronald W. Fry, 2 books
Mark Cook, 2 books
Barrie Gunter, 2 books
Walsh, James, 2 books


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