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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ian Stewart, 4 books
Neal Koblitz, 3 books
Joseph H. Silverman, 3 books
S. A. Stepanov, 2 books
Henry McKean, 2 books
Norman L. Alling, 2 books
Victor Moll, 2 books
Haruzo Hida, 2 books
Jacques Vélu, 1 book
Ehud De Shalit, 1 book
Torsten Ekedahl, 1 book
Michael Laska, 1 book
J. W. S. Cassels, 1 book
Avner Ash, 1 book
Benedict H. Gross, 1 book
Loren D. Olson, 1 book
Patrick Du Val, 1 book
Serge Lang, 1 book
Nicholas M. Katz, 1 book
Michael Rosing, 1 book
Graham Everest, 1 book
Roelof J. Stroeker, 1 book
Yves Hellegouarch, 1 book
P. S. Landweber, 1 book
Spencer J. Bloch, 1 book


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