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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Abrams, 5 books
J. M. Evans, 4 books
Dan Dye, 4 books
Mark Beckloff, 4 books
Tara Kain, 4 books
Andrea Cagan, 3 books
Ronnie Sellers, 3 books
Chris Bell, 3 books
Ruth Gordon, 3 books
Susan Conant, 3 books
Tamar Geller, 3 books
Ruud Haak, 3 books
Len Kain, 3 books
David Alderton, 3 books
Dave Henderson, 2 books
Monika Schaal, 2 books
Leslie Evans, 2 books
David Burn, 2 books
Gary E. Eichhorn, 2 books
T. H. Snethen, 2 books
Monika Wegler, 2 books
Lowell J. Ackerman, 2 books
Deborah Wood, 2 books
Herbert Richards, 2 books
Donald McCaig, 2 books


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