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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David West, 5 books
Steve Metzger, 4 books
n/a, 4 books
Ian Whybrow, 3 books
Elin Kelsey, 3 books
Rupert Matthews, 3 books
Douglas Palmer, 3 books
Judith Silverthorne, 3 books
Alain M. Bergeron, 2 books
Syd Hoff, 2 books
Lambert, David, 2 books
Don Lessem, 2 books
Walt Disney Company, 2 books
John Malam, 2 books
Sam Taplin, 2 books
Mary Pope Osborne, 2 books
Stephanie Turnbull, 2 books
Stephanie Baudet, 2 books
Jinny Johnson, 2 books
Vivien Lougheed, 2 books
Timothy Knapman, 2 books
Parragon Books, 2 books
Pam Holden, 2 books
Donald F. Glut, 2 books
Norman, David, 2 books