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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anderson, Will, 5 books
Lori Foster, 4 books
Joan Bauer, 4 books
Robert Getchell, 4 books
Guy Fieri, 4 books
Yarō Abe, 4 books
Jodi Picoult, 4 books
Richard Gutman, 3 books
Christine Lynxwiler, 2 books
Anne DeGrace, 2 books
David Catrow, 2 books
Jack Gantos, 2 books
Alexandra Day, 2 books
R. W. Alley, 2 books
George Motz, 2 books
Andrew Hurley, 2 books
Linda Lavin, 2 books
Chip Silverman, 1 book
Donald Kaplan, 1 book
Wendell Trogdon, 1 book
Deb Caletti, 1 book
Sheila Williams, 1 book
A. Lee Martinez, 1 book
Randy Garbin, 1 book
Scott, Janine., 1 book


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