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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Shaye Yungster, 4 books
Charles L. Mader, 3 books
Clarke, J. F., 2 books
A. A. Borisov, 2 books
A. L. Kuhl, 2 books
J. C. Leyer, 2 books
Tsutomu Saito, 2 books
D. Glenn Lasseigne, 2 books
Jean-Luc Cambier, 2 books
Wildon Fickett, 1 book
James Glimm, 1 book
Selivanov, V. V., 1 book
Carl-Otto Leiber, 1 book
Caiwei., 1 book
Watson, J. D., 1 book
G. D. Roy, 1 book
A. H. Makomaski, 1 book
Qiang Yu, 1 book
David T. Pratt, 1 book
Anatoliĭ Nikolaevich Dremin, 1 book
William C. Davis, 1 book
Wei Cai, 1 book
Thomas L. Jackson, 1 book
Takashi Nakamura, 1 book
A. M. Gladilin, 1 book


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