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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Barrie Sosinsky, 2 books
Bob Weibel, 2 books
Stephen Beale, 2 books
Chris Vaughan, 2 books
Sue Rowley, 2 books
Galen Gruman, 2 books
Barbara Assadi, 2 books
Christopher Smith, 2 books
James Cavuoto, 2 books
Eric Taub, 2 books
David Blatner, 2 books
Michael Barnard, 1 book
Bate, Joseph St. John., 1 book
Kirty Wilson-Davies, 1 book
Cindy Stevens, 1 book
Donna L. Baker, 1 book
David W. Beskeen, 1 book
Adam Pratt, 1 book
Jennifer Ackerman Kettell, 1 book
Katrin Straub, 1 book
Jae-jin Choi, 1 book
Claus Bliefert, 1 book
Donna Baker, 1 book
Gray, Daniel, 1 book
Steven J. Bennett, 1 book


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