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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
William H. Inmon, 9 books
Ralph Kimball, 7 books
Joy Mundy, 3 books
Alan R. Simon, 3 books
David Taniar, 3 books
Alex Berson, 3 books
Varun Uppuleti, 3 books
Claudia Imhoff, 2 books
Christopher Adamson, 2 books
Harry Singh, 2 books
David Loshin, 2 books
Mark Whitehorn, 2 books
Arshad Khan, 2 books
Sid Adelman, 2 books
IBM Redbooks, 2 books
Bon K. Sy, 2 books
Maurizio Lenzerini, 2 books
Yannis Vassiliou, 2 books
Panos Vassiliadis, 2 books
Sakhr Youness, 2 books
Sima Yazdani, 2 books
Rob Mattison, 2 books
Michael J. Corey, 2 books
John Wang, 2 books
Kirit Pandit, 2 books


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