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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ed Burke, 10 books
Elly Blue, 10 books
Robert Hurst, 9 books
Ann Marie Brown, 9 books
United States. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 9 books
Chris Sidwells, 8 books
Joe Friel, 6 books
Wayne D. Cottrell, 5 books
Hunter Allen, 5 books
Selene Yeager, 5 books
Rob Van der Plas, 5 books
Andrew Edwards, 5 books
Richard Ballantine, 5 books
Rob van der Plas, 5 books
Ed Pavelka, 5 books
Dennis Coello, 5 books
Eugene A. Sloane, 5 books
Eben Weiss, 5 books
Chris Carmichael, 5 books
Tim Hughes, 5 books
Ken Evans, 4 books
Jerry Monkman, 4 books
Dervla Murphy, 4 books
Reginald Cairns Shaw, 4 books
Arnie Baker, 4 books


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