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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alex Kava, 14 books
P. D. Martin, 7 books
Kathryn Casey, 4 books
Anne Frasier, 3 books
D. D. Barant, 3 books
Mariah Stewart, 2 books
Max Allan Collins, 2 books
Jacobson, Alan, 2 books
P.D. Martin, 2 books
Lynda Hilburn, 2 books
J. T. Ellison, 2 books
Glenn Cooper, 2 books
Alan Jacobson, 2 books
Juan Gómez-Jurado, 2 books
Alayna Williams, 2 books
Brenda Novak, 1 book
Kylie Brant, 1 book
Ted Dekker, 1 book
Victoria Laurie, 1 book
Margie Orford, 1 book
Jamie Denton, 1 book
Janey Levy, 1 book
Jenna Ryan, 1 book
Maureen Jennings, 1 book
Jay R. Bonansinga, 1 book


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