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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jeffrey L. Rodengen, 13 books
Richard F. Hubbard, 6 books
Frederick Dalzell, 4 books
Michael Dell, 4 books
J. Leander Bishop, 3 books
Robert Sobel, 3 books
Catherine Fredman, 3 books
Jon Vanzile, 3 books
George David Smith, 3 books
Robert Young, 2 books
Jerry I. Porras, 2 books
Jim Collins, 2 books
Wendy Goldman Rohm, 2 books
Gale Group, 2 books
Paul Freiberger, 2 books
David Vise, 2 books
Mark Malseed, 2 books
Ray Moynihan, 2 books
Wendy Goldman, 2 books
Gary Paul Nabhan, 2 books
Peter L. Grieco, 2 books
Alan Cassels, 2 books
Mel Pilachowski, 2 books
Ana Guadalupe Valenzuela Zapata, 2 books
John Micklethwait, 2 books


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