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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ruth Maran, 23 books
Microsoft, 11 books
Marly Bergerud, 8 books
Ed Bott, 7 books
Dan Gookin, 7 books
Tom Sheldon, 6 books
Microsoft Press, 6 books
Don Busche, 5 books
Kris A. Jamsa, 5 books
Open Software Foundation, 5 books
Donald Busche, 5 books
Tim O'Reilly, 5 books
Margaret Levine Young, 5 books
Brian Livingston, 5 books
Carolyn Z. Gillay, 4 books
Michael Bellomo, 4 books
Davis Straub, 4 books
Sybex Inc., 4 books
Sybex, 4 books
Brian Knittel, 4 books
Trejos Hermanos, 4 books
John R. Levine, 4 books
Jon Hall, 4 books
Paul G. Sery, 4 books
Alan Simpson, 4 books


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