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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ben Cousins, 6 books
G. Shaw-Lefevre Baron Eversley, 5 books
Hiroshi Hōjō, 5 books
David Bollier, 5 books
James C. Murombedzi, 4 books
Hidetoshi Nakao, 4 books
Marshall W. Murphree, 4 books
Campbell, Ian, 3 books
Boston (Mass.), 3 books
Elinor Ostrom, 3 books
Elinor Ostrom, 3 books
Ugo Mattei, 3 books
Proudhon M., 3 books
Murota, Takeshi, 2 books
Silvia Federici, 2 books
Sumiya, Kazuhiko, 2 books
Johann Malan, 2 books
Navjit Ubhi, 2 books
Warren Ortman Ault, 2 books
Pranab K. Bardhan, 2 books
Howard Levi Gray, 2 books
Franz Varrentrapp, 2 books
Tibor R. Machan, 2 books
Jean-Marie Baland, 2 books
Ash Amin, 2 books


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