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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brian Michael Bendis, 162 books
Chris Claremont, 74 books
Stan Lee, 62 books
Mark Waid, 58 books
Jeph Loeb, 57 books
Jason Aaron, 53 books
Ed Brubaker, 51 books
Matt Fraction, 50 books
Stan Lee, 50 books
Jonathan Hickman, 49 books
Dan Slott, 49 books
Mark Millar, 47 books
Peter David, 46 books
Marvel Comics Staff, 45 books
Roy Thomas, 43 books
Grant Morrison, 43 books
Fred Van Lente, 42 books
Geoff Johns, 40 books
Rick Remender, 40 books
Greg Pak, 39 books
Christos Gage, 39 books
Roger Stern, 39 books
Scott Snyder, 38 books
John Byrne, 34 books
Gerry Conway, 32 books


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