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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
John Green - undifferentiated, 99 books
Marty Noble, 73 books
Jessica Mazurkiewicz, 70 books
Marty Noble, 60 books
A. G. Smith, 44 books
Peter F. Copeland, 35 books
Jan Sovak, 35 books
Cathy Beylon, 35 books
Ruth Soffer, 33 books
Anna Pomaska, 31 books
Beatrix Potter, 25 books
The History Press, 25 books
Bruce LaFontaine, 24 books
George Toufexis, 24 books
Deborah Muller, 24 books
Golden Books, 23 books
Arcturus Publishing, 21 books
Thaneeya McArdle, 21 books
Millie Marotta, 21 books
Felicity French, 21 books
Angela Porter, 20 books
Hannah Davies, 20 books
Nina Barbaresi, 19 books
GMC Editors, 19 books
Marjorie Sarnat, 18 books