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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Francine Pascal, 13 books
Jane Smiley, 4 books
Diane Hoh, 4 books
John Clair Minot, 3 books
Beatrice Sparks, 2 books
Gary Soto, 2 books
Charles Macomb Flandrau, 2 books
Clair Bee, 2 books
Stephanie Hale, 2 books
Carolyn Keene, 2 books
Janet Randall, 2 books
Brian L. Flack, 1 book
Elizabeth Craft, 1 book
Hillary Frank, 1 book
Ian Smith, 1 book
Carl Brookins, 1 book
Michael Gerber, 1 book
Susane Colasanti, 1 book
Helen Tucker, 1 book
Lynn Miller, 1 book
Tracy Grant, 1 book
Claire Scovell LaZebnik, 1 book
Hart Stilwell, 1 book
Amelia Elizabeth Walden, 1 book
Grace Margaret Gallaher, 1 book


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