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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Marilyn Kaye, 10 books
Ian Wilmut, 7 books
Ron Roy, 5 books
Nancy Farmer, 5 books
Angela Woolfe, 4 books
United States, 4 books
Don Nardo, 4 books
Robin Cook, 4 books
Michael Crichton, 4 books
Margaret Peterson Haddix, 4 books
Nūr al-Dīn Khādimī, 4 books
M. E. Castle, 4 books
Igorʹ Markovich Efimov, 4 books
John Scalzi, 3 books
Arlene Judith Klotzko, 3 books
Hwa A. Lim, 3 books
David M. Rorvik, 3 books
Hillary Homzie, 3 books
Roger Highfield, 3 books
Gloria Skurzynski, 3 books
Danielle Steel, 3 books
Jane K. Setlow, 3 books
James BeauSeigneur, 3 books
Louise I. Gerdes, 3 books
Gordon Korman, 3 books