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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Penny Lord, 10 books
Thomas Zanzig, 9 books
Marilyn Kielbasa, 8 books
Jim Burnham, 8 books
Bob Lord, 8 books
Frank Chacon, 7 books
Maura Haggarty Thompson, 7 books
Mitch Finley, 5 books
Edward J. Hayes, 5 books
Paul J. Hayes, 5 books
James J. Drummey, 5 books
Michael Carotta, 4 books
Mary Fabyan Windeatt, 4 books
John H. Hampsch, 4 books
Barbara Calamari, 4 books
Alfred McBride, 3 books
Sofia Cavalletti, 3 books
Kathleen Harmon, 3 books
John Zmirak, 3 books
Brian Singer-Towns, 3 books
Matthew Pinto, 3 books
Mother Teresa, 3 books
Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 3 books
Benedict J. Groeschel, 3 books
Alban Butler, 3 books


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