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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bill Bright, 13 books
Marc Estes, 5 books
Jonathan Edwards, 3 books
Ceil Rosen, 2 books
Fred Peatross, 2 books
Edward W. Fudge, 2 books
Torrey Johnson, 2 books
Joseph Steinberg, 2 books
Bethany, Scanlon K., 2 books
Christine Dickson, 2 books
Mike Sprenger, 2 books
Kevin Higham, 2 books
Robert Cook, 2 books
Moishe Rosen, 2 books
Peter Meadows, 2 books
Ruth Mangalwadi, 1 book
Thomas Boston, 1 book
Andrew Fuller, 1 book
Barbara Ball, 1 book
James Woodward, 1 book
Ronald S. Kraybill, 1 book
Brian Bailey, 1 book
C. Thomas, 1 book
Michael McGrath, 1 book
Robert A. Evans, 1 book


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