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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David B. H. Denoon, 5 books
Ross, Robert S., 5 books
Nancy Bernkopf Tucker, 5 books
Robert G. Sutter, 4 books
David L. Shambaugh, 4 books
Yufan Hao, 3 books
Lionel M. Jensen, 3 books
Rosemary Foot, 3 books
Steve Chan, 3 books
John King Fairbank, 2 books
Andrew J. Nathan, 2 books
Edward Timperlake, 2 books
James Bradley, 2 books
Marilyn B. Young, 2 books
S. Mahmud Ali, 2 books
Evelyn Goh, 2 books
Graham Allison, 2 books
Simon Shen, 2 books
Hongshan Li, 2 books
John W. Garver, 2 books
Michael Schaller, 2 books
Suisheng Zhao, 2 books
Thomas J. Christensen, 2 books
Chi Wang, 2 books
John Pomfret, 2 books


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