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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jeanette Baker, 3 books
Lars Kepler, 3 books
Gillian Flynn, 2 books
Mark Timlin, 2 books
United States, 2 books
Joan Johnston, 2 books
Joyce Carol Oates, 2 books
Bailey, Tom, 2 books
Heidi Jon Schmidt, 1 book
Rachel Lee, 1 book
Tom Bailey, 1 book
Kathleen Long, 1 book
Cindy Band, 1 book
S. Russell, 1 book
Kathleen George, 1 book
Laurel Dewey, 1 book
Richard G. Mccann, 1 book
Dexter Scott King, 1 book
Dinah Lenney, 1 book
Ian Holding, 1 book
Gene Hackman, 1 book
Patricia J. MacDonald, 1 book
Veronica McGrath, 1 book
Paula Mints, 1 book
Douglas J. Preston, 1 book


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