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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hans Christian Andersen, 169 books
H. C. Andersen, 18 books
Walt Disney Productions, 4 books
Ole Hertz, 4 books
Katherine Folliot, 1 book
Robert Mathias, 1 book
Karen Borgnakke, 1 book
Abell, Kjeld, 1 book
Ewald, Carl, 1 book
Thomas Winding, 1 book
Marc Auchet, 1 book
Corinne Denan, 1 book
Margaret Sperry, 1 book
Charles Perrault, 1 book
Mette Winge, 1 book
E Tharlet, 1 book
H. Anderson, 1 book
Nicola Baxter, 1 book
Jenny Koralek, 1 book
Eric Carle, 1 book
Andersen, Benny., 1 book
Andrew Matthews, 1 book
Naomi Lewis, 1 book
Ebbe Kløvedal Reich, 1 book
Ugo Fontana, 1 book


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