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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gina Erickson M.A., 13 books
Kelli C. Foster Ph.D., 13 books
Kelli C. Foster, 13 books
Hans De Beer, 11 books
Alma Flor Ada, 8 books
F. Isabel Campoy, 7 books
A. G. Smith, 7 books
Gina Clegg Erickson, 7 books
Parkwest, 5 books
Richard Thaler, 4 books
Teresa Mlawer, 4 books
RH Disney, 4 books
B. Watts, 4 books
Francesco Pittau, 4 books
Pau Estrada, 4 books
Julie Appel, 4 books
Amy Guglielmo, 4 books
Mireia Sanchez, 4 books
Francisco Pittau, 4 books
David Shannon, 4 books
Mike Thaler, 4 books
Maria Neira, 4 books
A. Wennberg, 4 books
Xoán Babarro, 4 books
Carol Watson, 4 books