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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kumuda Reddy, 12 books
John Emory Pruitt, 12 books
Kirsten Hall, 8 books
Xyz Group, 7 books
H. A. Rey, 6 books
Mouse Works, 6 books
Margret Rey, 6 books
Judi Barrett, 5 books
Brigitte Weninger, 5 books
Hans De Beer, 5 books
Claire Masurel, 5 books
Pat Hutchins, 5 books
Jill Dow, 5 books
Jacob Grimm, 5 books
Katharine Holabird, 5 books
Marie Hall Ets, 4 books
Lois G. Grambling, 4 books
Syd Hoff, 4 books
Eric Hoffman, 4 books
B. Watts, 4 books
Jose Luis Garcia Sanchez, 4 books
Helen Craig, 4 books
Tito Alberto Brovelli, 4 books
Barbara Slade, 4 books
Anna Fienberg, 4 books


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