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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joanne Oppenheim, 4 books
Stephanie Oppenheim, 3 books
Brian G. Orr, 2 books
Ruth Bennett, 2 books
Steven J. Bennett, 2 books
Brian, M.D. Orr, 2 books
Evi Crotti, 2 books
Alberto Magni, 2 books
Donna Raskin, 2 books
Paula Spencer, 2 books
Frank L. Smoll, 1 book
Francisco Alvarez, 1 book
Adah Maurer, 1 book
Poonam Sharma, 1 book
Diane Stafford, 1 book
Myrna Blyth, 1 book
Joanne Kimes, 1 book
Roger Cross, 1 book
Donald J. Cohen, 1 book
Francisco Secadas Marcos, 1 book
Gordon Thomson, 1 book
Maria Elena Lopez, 1 book
Benjamin Spock, 1 book
Robert Brooks, 1 book
John Ralston, 1 book


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