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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Raymond D. Keene, 129 books
Reinfeld, Fred, 72 books
G. K. Kasparov, 35 books
Israel Albert Horowitz, 29 books
Eric Schiller, 27 books
Bruce Pandolfini, 21 books
David N. L. Levy, 21 books
M. M. Botvinnik, 20 books
Luděk Pachman, 20 books
Irving Chernev, 20 books
John Nunn, 19 books
Andy Soltis, 19 books
Larry Evans, 18 books
Leonid Aleksandrovich Shamkovich, 17 books
T. D. Harding, 17 books
Reuben Fine, 17 books
Larry Evans, 16 books
Max Euwe, 15 books
A. Kotov, 14 books
Fred Reinfeld, 14 books
Harry Golombek, 13 books
Bobby Fischer, 13 books
Jeremy Silman, 13 books
Edmar Mednis, 13 books
Jacobus de Cessolis, 13 books


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