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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Leo Lionni, 4 books
Chisato Tashiro, 3 books
Laura Hambleton, 3 books
Emily Gravett, 2 books
Nicola Grant, 2 books
Fay Robinson, 2 books
Martin Jenkins, 2 books
Richard D. Bartlett, 2 books
Martin, James, 2 books
Melissa Gish, 2 books
Diane Redfield Massie, 2 books
W. Schmidt, 2 books
K. Tamm, 2 books
E. Wallikewitz, 2 books
Ethan Long, 2 books
Eric Carle, 2 books
Nelson, K. D., 2 books
Charles Klaver, 2 books
W. Vrolik, 2 books
Joy Cowley, 2 books
Janet Hurst-Nicholson, 2 books
Claudia Schnieper, 2 books
Martin Jenkins, 2 books
Kathleen Connors, 2 books
Grace Hansen, 2 books


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