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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Darwin Porter, 18 books
Danforth Prince, 16 books
Heidi Sarna, 3 books
Pascale Couture, 3 books
Benoit Prieur, 3 books
Arthur Frommer, 3 books
Janet Groene, 2 books
Gordon Groene, 2 books
John Gilmore, 2 books
Berlitz Guides, 2 books
John Bigley, 2 books
Laura Rapp, 2 books
Diane Rapp, 2 books
George J., Ph.D. Phillip, 2 books
Bentham H. Hussey, 2 books
A. Foster, 2 books
G Rose, 2 books
Adrian Mandara, 2 books
Paris Permenter, 2 books
Tony Russell, 2 books
Nancy Sefton, 1 book
John D. Stephens, 1 book
Pamela Grant, 1 book
John Robottom, 1 book
Joseph Sturge, 1 book


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